Jeroen Pouwels

Okay, thank you, I will switch to that then. What I did now is I created the three bodies for the tube networks and I created a fourth body for the thin layer of air. The only thing I adjusted to the standard mesh is the addition of inflation layers for the tubes. I am currently trying to add an inflation layer for the thin layer as well but that gives the following error messages:

  • The inflation layer generation did not complete. This may be due to poor quality patches in the surface mesh, sharp geometric features, or narrow passages.
  • Patch conforming mesh failed possibly because of bad boundary or inflation mesh.
  • A mesh could not be generated using the current meshing options and settings.

I also added some pictures of how it looks now

Would you suggest any other edits to the standard mesh for the piping system? And how do you suggest that I mesh such a thin layer?

Thanks for your help already!