Ansys Employee


Ansys doesn’t support Jupyter Notebook, and I’m not sure what it is. It looks like a web based operating system emulator.

On Windows I would suggest resetting the Ansys cache back to default. This would mean deleting or renaming %APPDATA%\Ansys\v222 while workbench is closed. The next time you launch it will recreate the cache with all defaults. I don’t know where this would be located through Jupyter Notebook, but %APPDATA% locates the user login directory in Windows:


You can also delete the file.lock in the workbench project’s solution directory for the system being solved, if you think the APDL solver is not launching due to the previous crash. This really shouldn’t exist in the workbench solution directory. It would be in a temporary solution directory, such as _ProjectScratch in a parallel location with the workbench project. But even this folder has subdirectories created new for each solution so a file.lock would not limit the APDL solver from running.

I assume your Plate.wbjn loads or creates a workbench project and does the update command to start the solution?