Guilin Sun
Ansys Employee

For such question specific to mesh orders for structure, it is better to have a new, dedicated post. Please do write a new post next when your question is not exactly the same as the origial post.

From what you described, the overlaps happen among the polysterene sphere, au coating sphere and a gold thin film.

Obviously the gold thin film should not have the highest mesh order.The polysterene  sphere should. The au-coating shphere should have lower mesh order since it has to keep the polysterene sphere well. Regard to the substrate, if any of the above mentioned 3 geometries penetrates into it, the substrate should have the most-highest mesh order, as the sphere does not penetrate in experiment.

In mesh order, the small the number, the higher the priority. Thus from my experience in the lab, I recommend the following:

substrate, the default mesh order 2;

polysterene  sphere, mesh order 3;

au-coating sphere, mesh order 4.

gold thin film, mesh order 4;

Depending on the process techniques, you may change them. 

Usually the polysterene sphere may not well maintain its spehre shape on the substrate by the process. It can be cut a little by the substrate, or by another residual material in the process.


Please use index monitor to check the resulting index profile.