Zhaoyu Zhang

Hi Lito,

The error only occurs when I run in my python IDE. My version of FDTD is 2021 R1.4. 

I did some deeper searches on the internet and found that the QProcess error could be connected to the GUI or multi-processes computing. But i'm not sure how that would translate to my problem.  

Actually, I can think of a possible reason why this error occurs. I'm using a windows software called "clickoff" that detects pop-up windows and automatically clicks buttons on the pop-up window to close it (https://whatsoftware.com/auto-click-annoying-confirmation-buttons-clickoff/).  "clickoff" is used by me to automatically detect and close the "select frequency" window when I run the field and power monitor (DFT monitor) in FDTD, where it would click the "ok" button to close the window (see image below). Do you think the error could have been caused by using the "clickoff" tool?