Thandiwe Radebe

Thank you for the apt response.


  1. The link you provided requires me to log in using my account, and the current license we are using is the institution's license. on my personal computer, I use the Student Version.
  2. I am comparing experimental data with simulations. So the experimental data logger records the temperature of the water as it freezes for 9 hours. I then take this data into Ansys fluent via transient table to use as the boundary conditions on the inlet, outlet and surface temperature. So I thought the 1s would be the best. If I lower the simulations will they not take even longer? currently, the model takes 18 hours to run.
  3. I have exported the simulation results and plotted them against the simulation results. So I inserted the temperature of the experiment as boundary conditions, and then measure them at the same point, which is the middle of the annulus. However, the curves are too far from the experiment data. I was suspecting the Pure Solvent Melting Heat since i set it to zero, instead of 333 000.