Victor Gallardo Torres


Dear Peter and Erik,

Thanks for your valueable comments.

I performed a modal acoustics analysis on the basin with acceleration and free surface. I attached the results of Mode 1, 2 and 6. The the eigen frequencies and the spatial patterns of the modes agree with the theory (Raichlen 1966). I am still not completely sure how to interpret the value of the amplitudes (relative to one other). Is this the maximum amplitude for the solution to be a linear wave?

For the next step of my research I would like to model the free surface response of the fluid body to some kind of periodic excitation. For example an earthquake type of excitation that works on the basin in the xz-plane. Eventually I would like to create a frequency response function to evaluate amplification of certain nodes. I want to avoid setting up a computationally expensive transient fluent model.

Can such a model be made with Harmonic Acoustics? Do you have any recommendations on the setup of such a model?

Kind regards,