Hi Guilin,

Thanks a lot for the tips. The simulation seems to be running fine for one polarization. I did not do a sweep of polarizations as I was a bit confused about the method you mentioned for polarization summation. 

You used two “mean” functions. I am assuming that we first average the results of each monitor and then sum them up. What is the second mean supposed to do? Is it to average the two polarizations? But how would it know the number of polarizations I am using? If this mean is defined in the analysisgroup and I am running an optimization that has a sweep on the polarizations, then for each sweep, we get the FOM. But it is only for one polarization and not two polarizations. I am under the impression that this averaging should be done outside the analysisgroup unless the analysisgroup is smart enough to recognize how to sum polarizations. 

I did not get the point regarding the four monitors and then sum them in the MODEL. How does that work?

Thank you.