Ansys Employee

Hello Stefano,

Mostly this error of return code 1 happens when the  boundary condition, an initial condition or some other function is not set properly. Either you did not set any pressure condition or the condition you set is not valid.If the isolated regions do not have the pressure level set either by the boundary conditions or using a reference pressure equation, you may encounter severe robustness problems.Also check your directory location. 

This situation may have arisen because a domain interface was not properly defined during problem setup. Please carefully check the setup.

The solver will stop now and write a results file. The isolated regions can be visualised in CFX Post by making plots of the variable "Isolated Volumes".

If you are sure that the pressure level is set in each isolated fluid region then you can force the solver to turn off this check by setting the expert parameter "check isolated regions = f".


Chaitanya Natraj