Nanda Veralla
Ansys Employee

Hi Tim,

For flipping the bolt, it's a bit long process. You need to follow this procedure:

  1. Move each solids into new components.
  2. Select any face on the plate as anchor. 
  3. Using align tool, align the top face of bolt head to top face of plate, Also you need to align the cylindrical face of bolt to the hole of plate.
  4. when you open the component which contains anchor, and go to the align section, by right clicking it will show the option, reverse sense

However, this will not reverse the bolt face, but it will create an align relation copy in bolt component system. When you "reverse sense" again in anchor component and go back to bolt component, where a copy align is created, you need to "reverse sense" here. This will flip the bolt exactly opposite to it's current orientation. 

Here is an Ansys help link that will describe this further.

Assemble (

If you need a video assistance, there are some youtube sources available online that demonstrates this, when you search for "Spaceclaim assembly tools". Hope this helps.