Ansys Employee

Since you are using workbench Mechanical, and your APDL snippet does not redefine the element coordinate systems, then you are accepting them exactly as Mechanical always sets it up.

Solid bodies will have element CS oriented by global CS by default. Reduced geometry (shells and beams) must enforce certain geometrical directions (shells have Z normal. Beams have X along length). Setting a different coordinate system than global CS on the body in the Details will set the element CS on all elements in the entire body to the directions of the selected CS. You typically only need to use an "Element Orientation" when you want a changing orientation across the body: a curvy shell body where Z must be shell-normal, but you want to change X,Y directions. An "Element Orientation" may also be necessary to reorient mesh based input from "External Model" system, where synthesized geometry is read-only. Element deformations during analysis rotate with the elements in large defetcion analysis regardess of CS assigned or "Element orientation" used.