Lito Yap
Ansys Employee


Does the new operating system have all the required libraries to run Ansys Lumerical?
    > Installing on a shared filesystem on Linux – Ansys Optics
Did you update your environment to the new install path?
    > How to run Lumerical API (Python) scripts in Linux – Ansys Optics 

How are you running the script? Directly from the Terminal/CLI or using a job scheduler? Or from the CAD/GUI >> Script file editor window with Python Integration = "active" as shown in the image? 

Running the 1 liner script, "lumapi.FDTD(filename="test.fsp")" will simply open and close the FDTD CAD window. 

Try the script below on your new system and see if it runs and a new simulation, "testapi.fsp" is created. 

import lumapi
fdtd = lumapi.FDTD()