Thandiwe Radebe


  1. The surface is exposed to atmospheric air
  2. I am using a time step of 1
  3. the solution did converge when i used the Laminar model, however with the k-e model it does not

I have noted that the default value for the latent heat of water in Ansys is 2 263 073 J/kg. Well the known value for water's latent heat is 333 000 J/kg. Is this correct?


I have exhausted all my options. ( I am starting to think that there is a problem with Ansys's back-end coding causing the model's instability)


I would advise other students learning to model solidification and melting to follow this video ANSYS Fluent Tutorial: Analysis of Melting and Solidification of Phase Change Material (PCM).

however, the creators use a steady state, which is not applicable to my model.