The second image was the [filled] contour of "film thickness" before starting the calculation. So my understanding was that dark blue indicated zero film thickness [film do not exist yet, which is no surprize].

Looking at the same contour after the run, whole domain is highlighted. My question is regarding the areas in dark blue; According the contour legend, film is having 4.11 e-8 m thickness in those areas, if thats right, then why non-filled contour is not showing [all of ]those areas as well?

I am also attaching the contour of "film temperature" with filled option checked. As you can see, it is showing same temperature for all areas, despite the difference in color. That was the reason I tried the "non filled" option, to see where are the areas where film exist.


I am not sure if I am misinterpreting contours, your comments are appreciated.