Mike Pettit
Ansys Employee

Hi Greg,

If you have defined some Cables under Connections, as well as a Connection Stiffness matrix, you should not turn on 'Include Linear Connection Stiffness Matrices'. If you do, in the Hydrodynamic Response analysis the global mooring stiffness will be twice the actual value, and your vessel response will be wrong.

For plotting results from different systems: once you have added one graph result (e.g. right-click on Solution, Insert Result > Structure Motions > Structure Position > Actual Response), you can add a second line to the same graph axes by either:

  • right-clicking on the graph object and selecting Add Line

  • right-clicking on the result input object and selecting Duplicate

If you have 2 time domain Hydrodynamic Response systems on the Project Schematic, then the graph input 'Result Source' option will allow you to choose which of those systems the result is plotted for.

Cheers, Mike