Ilia M

Another problem is that there is an error in coordinates. Even if i set 10 significant digits in WB, I get a difference between the WB listing and APDL listing. For the same node, I get in APDL (via nlist):

NODE        X                   Y                   Z
   797003  -0.161412972200        0.259275686600E-001  -0.151129722300E-001

While in Workbench, I get this along with the displacements:

Node Number    X Location (m)    Y Location (m)    Z Location (m)    Directional Deformation (m)
797003    -0.1614129692    2.592756785e-002    -1.511297189e-002    6.799690588e-009

This is not a round-off error, it's something else which I don't understand