Ansys Employee
  1. In SpaceClaim, you probably pulled a curve/edge that was not circular, so the pulled surface was not cylindrical. You probably imported the model, or maybe the curve/edge you pulled was from a bolt thread that was not circular. You can draw a circle in sketch mode over the circle you intend to pull to a cylinder, or use "Repair > Simplify" to turn the near-cylindrical shape to actual cylinder defintion.
  2. I think you probably don't need the side contacts on the bolts to the concrete if the model is behaving as most real world models would when a plate is bolted tightly to concrete. These are usually bolted tight enough that the plate would not slide when forces occur, but only you know if that is something that you really think happens in the real model (or test show it). If the bolt pretension is not enough relative to the side force as a result of friction under the bolt head and the plate/concrete friction force, then there may be some shifting where bolt shank comes into contact with concrete hole.
  3. It's possible #2 above contributes a little to the total deformation at the 110mm point, but I would think material properties for transitioning to plastic deformation is most responsible. Have you defined a plastic (bilinear or multilinear) material property in the Engineering data? Have you turned on "Large deflection" in the Analysis Settings?"