Nanda Veralla
Ansys Employee



Hello Basil,

Looks like you have a bolt in the center that is keeping the assembly together. I suspect the higher stiffness is because of the contacts you’ve given. Here are the contact definitons you should give:

  1. Frictional between U shaped bottom face and flat sheet’s top face.
  2. Frcitional between bolt head’s bottom face and top face of U shaped solid.
  3. Frictional between Nut’s top face and sheet’s bottom face.
  4. Frictional between Bolt’s circular face and sheet’s hole where bolt sits.
  5. Bonded should be only given between Nut and Bolt.

If you have any pretension defined, make sure the axis of pretension doesn’t coincide with defined bonded contact region.

To get more familiarised with contacts and modelling bolted connections, these links will help you.

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