Mas Rosli


I also want to model 3D solid timber and cross-laminated timber using ANSYS with Hashin failure criteria. However, there few things that I'm not sure. I hope anyone can help me with this.

1) Which package I need to use to model timber with Hashin failure? ACP, AUTODYN or LS DYNA? I'm confused because I know ACP is for composite material, hence I can use to model laminated timber, AUTODYN has hashin failure criteria and LS DYNA has wood material model. But I'm still not sure which one to use.

2) Since I'm new user of ANSYS, can someone share me a guide/paper/video on how to model timber using ansys with hashin failure? I dont know which/what parameter to input in the software in order to get the failure that I want.

Thank you. Best regards