Saketh Bharadwaj Kopparthy

1 I just noticed that I used pulled command for the rectangular bodies and for screws I used rotate command on the contour. I think this the reason for modeller to not recognise the surface as Cylindrical. I will change it.
2. I agree with you. The plate is tightly bolted to concrete and the displacement of steel plate (considered at one corner) is only 0.23mm in experiment which suggests that the movement is tiny. But in simulation I got 0.8mm of displacement. I will check the friction and pre-tension values once again. 

3. There are some videos on youtube posted in official ansys channel explaining the theory and model setup for accommodating plastic behaviour. I am going through further information available. I will get back to this thread and post further questions if I have any.

Information you gave me is gold and I highly appreciate your help.

Thank you.