I do a fluid analysis of the factory interior. So many parts are reflected, and in fact, about 20,000 are drawn and more than 10,000 fluid volumes are used as cell zone. My main job is flow analysis for a factory with an area of about 35,000 square feet. There are many conditions involved. Return the Cutcell and Fixed size options. Of course, flow analysis results may be inaccurate. However, between what we can do within the period and what we can do within the period that takes a long time to produce late results, what we can do within the period is more important.
I don’t want anything else. Please make at least a patch for Ansys 17.0 to work with License Server 2023R1 or later.

Of course, I also want to use the latest version. However, Spaceclaim is too slow (in the case of Share Topology, which the DM finished in about 5 hours, it is now over 24 hours in SC), and setting boundary conditions for large volumes is too difficult. In particular, single/box selection of volume/face is unclear, making it difficult to select. Existing workbench meshing is good. Named selection is possible in Design Modeler, but it is too slow because the graphic is not optimized. In addition, since named selection has been performed alternately between hide body/face and suppress, there is a high possibility that the share topology will be solved by suppress. Based on Design Modeler, it takes about 1~2 hours or more for one share topology.

Therefore, it would be nice to have a link that allows you to set Named Selection and Size in Workbench Meshing, save the file as an export file, and then connect the actual Meshing to Fluent Meshing.

In addition, Fluent response speed has become very slow these days. Try Fluent 17.0 now, or at least 2019 R1 Fluent. It shows a very light response compared to the 2023 R1 Fluent. Also, change it again so that the contents of the middle window change with one click in the tree on the left. Why did you have to double-click to change? Since I set a lot of boundary conditions (I have done more than 200 named selections), when I double-click the cell condition/boundary condition, the contents stretch out and it takes a long time to display them.
Lastly, in the Surface Report... In the past, the values came out in the order selected from the list, but now they are sorted in ascending order regardless of the order selected. Please change this to existing or insert an option that can be changed.

Ha... There are so many things I want to say about UI/UX, but please temporarily save or... improve the DM/Cutcell part.