Samuele Luigetti

It's a bit complicated,, but i try to explain. The fact is that i have frequency of load different respect rotational velocity. So in the MSUP i set the sweep frequency equal to rotational velocity multiplied by ratio ( where ratio Fr load/Fr rotation), and the analysis take into account the natural frequencies of the linked modal with certain rotational velocity and then in post processing i correct all with the campbell diagram (beacuse the frequency response are not correct due to te fact that the coriolis effect are not take into account). With the full i cannot do this because there is not a linked modal so there's not some natural frequencies referred to a certain velocity (meanwhile in the other case yes). The perfect case would be an harmonic analysis that take into account the coriolis effect and with the possiblity at the same time to have different frequency between load and velocity, but i do not think that's exist.