Eden Wheeler

Yes, you can perform the thermomechanical fatigue analysis of an exhaust manifold in ANSYS. To achieve a steady-state temperature profile for a larger time step, you can run a fluid simulation using a transient solver until the temperature stabilizes. Once you have the steady-state temperature profile, you can export it and import it into a thermal model with a smaller time step.You can also check this: aws certified developer course

To proceed, follow these steps:

  1. Set up and solve the fluid simulation using a transient solver in ANSYS Fluent or a similar tool.
  2. Monitor the temperature until it reaches a steady-state condition.
  3. Export the temperature profile from the fluid simulation at the desired time step.
  4. Set up a thermal analysis in ANSYS Mechanical or a similar tool, using the imported temperature profile as a boundary condition.
  5. Run the thermal analysis with a smaller time step to obtain the thermal stresses induced in the exhaust manifold.