Hello John, thank you for your professional advice.

I wanted the czm bonding contacts to debond at the two predefined interfaces. However the debonding only occurred in one of them. 

  1. May I ask how i can visualize or output in WB the energy release rates for modes I and II since the CZM is using the energy related criterion in my model? I wanna check whether the mixed mode criterion was met or not.
  2. The czm region is with high stress levels since it is a bolt hole which is hidden for checking the high newton raphson residuals. Will dropping the midside nodes affect the calculation accuracy per your understanding?
  3. Yes the solution was already set as unsymmetric solver;
  4. Can you elaborate a little bit on how to add a fritional contact pair on top of the bonded pair? I don't know i could add two types of contacts on the same interface.
  5. I read the viscous regulation section and can you give me some idea what value i should set it as the first try?

Thank  you so much for your time!

Best regards.