Michele De Giosa

Hi Aniket, 

I'll explain in a better way what I want to achieve.

So, for simulating a diffusion in an heterogeneous structure, i need a crystal structure. 
If I consider a super-alloy, the structure has peculiarities within it such as:
- grains
- boundary grains
- vacancies
- dislocations 

For having these things, i have to create them somehow. So, in internet i found some pics that rapresent this type of structure (see below).

Now, my questions are:

1. i created polycrystalline structure, in first messagge, with MultiScale.Sim.. I have some scripts that generate these things (list above). Can i insert these scripts in SpaceClaim for modifying the structure for having that i want to obtain or is it not possible to modify the structures obtained with MultiScale.Sim? (geometric issue)

2. If I do not want to use MultiScale, can I directly approach this problem with SpaceClaim and the use of scripts in Python? If yes, could you send me something that would show me how to implement Python in Ansys?

In summary, my problem is only related to the creation of 2D and 3D geometry.

Thanks for your time. 
Best regards,