Rabindra Paul


Hi Rishabh,

Thanks for using Forum to ask question. For the classic Icepak we just need to specify the number of processors in Solution settings–>parallel settings panel.  As you have observed, the parallel processors are used by fluent to solve using the multiple processors. For loading and post processing it uses one processor. 

In AEDT, however, different options and settings can be used to improve the efficiency of various Icepak processes

‐Pre/Post processing option
‐High Performance Computing (HPC) tasks
•Pre/Post Processing Option
‐Viewing the mesh with Mesh Viewer
‐Mesh quality calculations with Mesh Viewer
‐Plotting field overlay data
‐Field summary calculations
‐Fields calculator calculations
Please check the document or training material for details. If needed please create a support case in Ansys customer portal.