Ansys Employee

Armin is right that you will need get the normal strain on all 3 gauges, not shear strain. Have you looked at the Ansys Innovation Courses (https://courses.ansys.com)? Enroll in the "Stress Analysis in Solid Mechanics" course, and go over the "BikeCrankAnalysis" tutorial. This shows using a rosette strain gauge in the Ansys analysis:

This tutorial has you use 3 surface bodies overlain on the solid and deactivate their stiffness effect on the model, but you don't have to go through such elaboration. Just create 3 local coordinate systems at points/nodes in the model, and report normal stress/strains at the locations using those coordinate systems. You don't have to create the 3 strain gauge surfaces. The tutorial shows the equation to relate the model normal strains to those reported at the strain gauges: