mohd farhan

hello i am also facing problem in UDM, i would be great if you help me, I am Using UDM to store values at the faces, below is my UDF, i am nutshell what i am trying to do is that if F_UDMI(f,t,8) if greater than a particular value (900 in my case) mass flow should release from that surface and if not, the value of F_UDMI corresponding to that face will get update over the the time. 

initially few cell will get activated and as the time progresser all face should get activated. But the values which i am getting (once all the surface get activated ) is nt correct, also whenever i am plotting the contour of F_UDMI(f,t,8) it showing zero value.

I tried to debug that by using message commant in the UDF to print the values of F_UDMI, from that i am getting the correct values