Guilherme Nunes

Hello John! Thank you so much for answering!

I didn't express myself correctly, was kind of anxious while writing it: I wanted to say that 0.519 mm slip the bond should break, I wanted to see if it happened at a displacement of 1.2 mm, because it's at that value that convergence problems start to appear.

But to better understand the situation, if it constantly fails to converge at that displacement value, it means that the bond breaks, correct? Therefore the force-displacement graph that appears shows the maximum load value before the failure occurs, just like this example of a F/D-curve bellow, but without the vertical line representing the conclusion of debonding

Is there a way to calculate the slip in the bond? I have two construction geometry paths, one at the top of the adhesive and one at the bottom, to try and measure it however I don't know if that is the correct way to do it.

Again, thank you so much for answering. Kind regards.