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You have different options to do this.I think there is not a tutorial for your exact example, but the principle of working with the options (explained later) is well documented:

1 )      Inside the Workbench you always need to define Parameters and Responses and then you can start optimization with a) DesignXplorer or b) optiSLang.

a)       For using DesignXplorer you find tutorials and explanation here: DesignXplorer Optimization Tutorials (

b)      For optiSLang you find Information here: Working with Ansys optiSLang
and a step by step tutorial in Workbench here: 
Sensitivity Analysis of a Coupled Function in Ansys Workbench

2)      You can also use rmxprt though Ansys Electronic Desktop (AEDT) with Optimetrics: Optimetrics 
For that you define the parametric in your AEDT project, solve the reference design and the save the project.

a)       Again, you can use DesignXplorer DX in AEDT

b)      or optiSLang 
-in AEDT: optiSLang in Optimetrics (
-in optiSLang GUI:
Calibration of a Damped Oscillator Using Signals in Ansys Twin Builder

I hope this helps!