John Doyle
Ansys Employee

You can post process CZM debonding parameters (DPARAM, DENERI and DENERII) using the ETABLE command in a command object in WB-Mechanical.

Please refer to the MAPDL Commands Manual for the ETABLE command syntax.  Refer also to Table 174.2 of the elements reference manual for the correct NMISC values to use.

Below is a sample of what your command object might look like in Mechanical for post processing CONTA174 element CZM results via a command object. 

I really cannot comment any further without seeing and studying your model in detail, which is beyond the scope of this forum.



esel,s,type,,cid1                                !select contact element type ‘cid1’

etab,dtstart,nmisc,66                     !load step time during debonding

etab,dparam,nmisc,70                   !debonding parameter

etab,deneri,nmisc,140                   !debonding parameter

pretab,dtstart,dparam,deneri     !print results to solver output



pletab,deneri                                     !plot critical fracture energy