Austin Glover

It's very funny that all the more modern software runs (space claim, workbench, the gui and application for mechanical) until you acutally try to solve, then some fortran component tries to run, and is making some invalid assumptions about the underlying hardware, and the whole thing crashes. It's amazing that the actual solving is still being handled by something written in fortran. If it's made it this long in the software, I don't have much hope for it being updated any time soon. 

Even though i'm familiar with Ansys and would like to use it, I'm just going to find a different piece of software that works on a virtual machine and use that instead. 

If anyone has an offical patch or debug process for this, I would appreciate if they could post it here. 

I'm interested what Anysis's long term plan is for this? Apple computers are all Mx from here on out and very popular with young people and therefore common in education.