Ansys Employee

GUI side is fairly easy, it's when you solve that all of the maths, numerical methods etc kick in. So it's not all that surprising that the emulators hold all the graphics stuff but not enough of the other libraries. 

Going to the Mac OS bit. We do monitor what's used in the world, but other than some laptops I don't see Mac OS anywhere. The bulk of Ansys compute is done on clusters, historically on UNIX/Linux and, more recently, Windows. I also teach at a University for a session most years, out of 50-100 students I rarely see more than 1-2 with Macs: that may be a UK bias but I suspect not. What you may find is the Linux builds can run on Mac, but I've never known anyone try it, and Student isn't built for Linux.  If any of this changes then Ansys will review the supported platforms. When I bought my first PC Mac OS didn't have a Fortran compiler available, and at nearly twice the price for the hardware it meant engineering students went towards desktop PC. 

As a question, how many CAD packages work well on Mac, and how many of the latest PC games run well on first release?