Amrita Pati
Ansys Employee

Hi Rony,

The values of reflection greater than 1 could be due to many reasons. First, it is possible that the simulation did not have sufficient time to reach the auto shutoff min value. I would suggest you to increase the simulation time ( by 100 times) and check the simulation status after the run. A simulation status of 2 indicates that the simulation has reached the auto shutoff min. If this doesn't work I will suggest you to reduce the auto shutoff min value by 100 times (to 10e-07) and see if that helps. May I know what values of incident angles are you using?

There is no need to worry about the warning. Since BFAST has its own boundary conditions, the regular boundary conditions will not apply. The BFAST boundary conditions are automatically applied to the simulation which is indicated by the warning message. In other words, it emphasizes that regardless of what BCs you choose in the transverse direction, BFAST's own BCs will be applied. Also, would you also be able to share the reflection graph? Thank you!