Patrick Kirby

Thanks Rob, very helpful as always. It seems we have 12 licenses overall. I am trying to run my simulations on multiple computers at the same time, so I fear I may be slowing myself down. I turned off the hyperthreading on the ThinkPad. 

Will the simulations automatically seek the HPC pack, or is there something that I have to set in Fluent?

Another idea that I was looking into was the usage of the computers GPU, which does appear to be supported by ANSYS, though I'm not so sure about fluent. When I looked over the tutorials relating to "offloading" they make mention that only offloading certain kernels will improve computational time. Would the kernels associated with the RSM turbulence model be fair game for offloading?

Thanks and apologies for any lack of clarity, I've run simulations many times and have a decent understanding of some theory, but the hardware component I've always left to others. In this case I'm trying to run a series of simulations which seem to take a good deal of time and therefore am looking to optimize the workflow.