Andreas Koutras
Ansys Employee


*CONTACT_AUTOMATIC_GENERAL is a single surface contact, therefore you just need to define surface A (the slave side). So set the cable part or part set id under the SSID field and specify the corresponding SSTYP option (SSTYP=2 for part set, SSTYP=3 for part set). If SSID is left blank, all parts will be included in the contact surface by default.

The contact snippet should look as follows. Please remove the *PART and *END keywords. 


You can find the LS-DYNA *PART IDs in the generated LS-DYNA input file.

Also note that for cable-to-cable contact, AUTOMATIC_GENERAL accounts by default for the cable diameter. In LS-DYNA, a cable element is defined by using *SECTION_BEAM with ELFORM=6 and *MAT_CABLE_DISCRETE_BEAM.

I hope this helps.