Mike Rife
Ansys Employee

Hi Tim

The default of Contact 178 gap is to use the node locations plus the real constant defined GAP as the total contact gap.  This is not appropriate for the way this model is set up (otherwise that is a huge contact gap to close!).  Change the element type 2 keyoption to use just the real constant GAP as the contact gap:


Also the ET command was issued twice to define element type 2 (guessing copy/pasted the code block).  The command should only be issued once per element type otherwise could easily run into issues.  So take out the second instance.

Next the "Contact Penetration" commands are post processing commands that should be moved to after the mapdl.set("last") command.

Lastly the PyMAPDL Reader, used via the result=mapdl.result is being deprecated.  In the future either post process with native PyMAPDL commands or use PyDPF.