Remi Roux

Hi everyone,

The same issue happened to me, and I find something additional in the “changing your username” solution.

My username initially had an accent so I changed it. However, nothing changed because the Users folder containing the data of the account still has an accent. This is because the Users folder takes the current account’s name at its creation. Hence, changing your account name would not change the folder’s name. And then, when Ansys wants to access personal data, etc, it goes through this folder with an accent, and that is the problem.

I do not know how to change the name of this folder but I think that is one of the cause.

I forgot to mention: The desktop I am using has different profiles and different accounts. So for me, there are no issues with graphic cards,... I am the only one with this issue and the only one with an accent. Since ANSYS is an American software and they do not use accents, I would not be surprised if it is only that. For example, if you try creating an account for an American software with an accent, they often mark an error that the name is not valid.