Eden Wheeler

The message you mentioned is a warning that appears when running Fluent, indicating that a certain percentage of the RAM on the machine is filled with file buffer caches. This warning is commonly observed on Linux machines. The suggestion to use the "-cflush" flag on the Fluent command line is provided to flush the cache and potentially mitigate performance issues.

However, in practice, using the "-cflush" flag may not always resolve the problem, as it is actually an issue with MPI (Message Passing Interface) and its utilization of the "/dev/shm" file system for shared memory mode implementation. Sometimes, MPI does not properly clear out the memory, resulting in files that can only be deleted by the root user. for more information you can also check this: aws developer associate course

Typically, this issue does not cause significant problems unless the RAM becomes very full. In such cases, the easiest solution is to reboot the machines, as a reboot clears out the "/dev/shm" directory and releases the occupied memory.