Sampat Kumar
Ansys Employee

Hi Javat, 
If you try to give the initial rotational velocity, you can right-click the initial condition under the LS Dyna and get the rotation in the drill. Still, it would be the initial rotational velocity.

If you try to provide the rotational velocity by right-clicking on the LS Dyna, then this rotational velocity will give the result of the structural effect of a part spinning at constant velocity. It will not help you to rotate the bock.

You can use the remote displacement to rotate the drill, as you have mentioned above, and it worked well.
You can also apply a constant velocity by applying the constant rotational velocity to the rigid part using the rigid body menu, and you can connect the rigid body to the flexible body using constrained additional nodes. You provide the constant velocity value in the table for the rotation of the drill. These are the possible options you can try to rotate the drill.