Vanessa Patino


Oh yes I forgot to mention I chose VOF for my multiphase model. From looking at the ansys guide it says VOF “is designed for two or more immiscible fluids where the position of the interface between the fluids is of interest”, also “the steady or transient tracking of any liquid-gas interface”. So because the fluids in my model are Silicon, water, and air I went with it. However since the Si Wafer is meant to be solid in the materials I selected Si for its phase. 

Looked up temperature dependent properties and buoyancy and how tempertaure affects buoyancy. It all seems to make sense (from what I understand an appropriate understanding of heat transfer is needed for Ansys but my knowledge is lacking).

 As far results go we’re just trying to look at the temperature contours: static temperature, total temperature, and wall temperature.

I have some questions about the VOF Multiphase model. I would have 3 Eulerian phases correct? Would the phases go Phase 1: Si, Phase 2: water, Phase 3: air? Or would the opposite order make more sense? 

Thin walls makes sense, never realized that meshing the container was uneccessary.