Mallikarjuna Koppanati



Thanks for the response.

One doubt on the same,

First column indicates visibility of the component in UI,

1) if i give “x” for a particular component,

is it just not shown in the view (or) it won’t be considered for simulation also (or) is it permenently deleting the object like (edit->delete option).

2) I don’t want to consider some of the diodes also for simulation, which are not shown in this “Circuit element properties” menu. Is there any option to deactivate diodes/IC’s from simulation.


Regarding documention.

I have seen mention of ∂/∂f  section 5.38(page 214) in Siwave help pdf as 

I have not seen much explanation on what is meant by “Activate/Deactivate” or "visibility(1st column)" on this particular “Circuit element parameters” sheet. 

I want to mention it, because i want to make sure i am seeing correct doc for reference.

Please correct me if i am not seeing correct doc.