Youngin Kim

Q:Is the issue happening to all computers on your network or only to a specific Linux machine?

A:All computers on our network

Q:Did you install the latest release of Ansys Lumerical on your local Windows computer or Linux machine? 

A: No, our CAD/softwear department does not have latest verson yet. 

Q: Does the issue happen to ALL simulations?

A: No, it only happens when I have multiple mode sources. This is written in my prior reply.

Q: Have you tried running the examples from our website? Ansys Optics Application Gallery (Apps).

A: Of course. The example works.

Q: What is the error when running the example simulations on our website on a local Windows PC or your Linux machine?

A: The example simulation in your website works.

To debug this with your IT, please submit a support request to your Ansys account manager (AM) or your regional representative. 

My Question: Where can I find my regional representative?