Elizabeth Laughlin

Thank you, I did not understand that at first. I did not set the SSE to be positive in the material properties. I see evaporation in my model now, but no condensation. I think maybe it needs to run for a longer time.

I have an additional question about how the material properties are defined and how that relates to the operating pressure and operating temperature defined in the physics tab (if they relate at all). When defining material properties we have to include the reference temperature which the properties are defined for, but there is no spot for reference pressure. Does this mean that the ANSYS defined materials from the material library have properties defined for the reference temperature stated and the default operating pressure (1atm)?

My simulation is for a high pressure pipe, and the material properties have different values at different pressures (even if the temperature is the same). So I am wondering if I need to define all the fluids for the pressure I plan to operate at, and how to let ANSYS know that the properties are defined for a specific pressure (like how there is a reference temperature spot for the specific temperature the properties are defined for)?