Ansys Employee

I supressed the gravity since that can make convergence harder, being applied in the first load step. And it converged for me, but not without lots of pivot complaining and time bisections. It had to go down to 0.02 sec before it started converging, still with lots of pivot warnings. A deformation result showed 2 of these bolt sleeves moved off into the distance. You can manually set smaller time steps since the model is potentially unstable, because they are all frictional contacts, and some have significant gaps, which relies more on the other frictional contacts working right. I set 500 initial substeps, 20 mininum, and 1e5 max substeps in the first loadstep, with a bit less substeps in the second load step. Now only one sleeve has rigid body motion. If you hide the sleeve bodies, you will see the problem. For the sleeves that move away from the model, there is one element along the bolt for the sleeve contact (red arrow). For a sleeve that stays put, there is 2 elements along the contact length on the bolt (blue arrow):

This is still very coarse. You really need to set much smaller mesh sizes on all these bolts: