Thanks for the reply sir.


1. Snow load.

>>You can add a Distributed Mass to the surfaces and turn on Gravity to simulate the load that snow applies to the branches, but there is no accumulation on vertical branches. 

Then I can set only horizontal and inclined surfaces (branches) in the distributed masses, right? Snow load is usually given as kg/m2, I would have to calculate the total surface area of the tree branches and divide by 2 (only the top half holds the snow), right? Then apply the load according to the resulting area, right?

Maybe I can apply directional pressure for the wind load as well? But the problem is that the pressure will act on the entire surface of the branch, even where there is no snow (for example, from the bottom of the branch).

2. Wind load.

>>You can assign a directional pressure to all the surfaces to represent the wind pressure.

You have to select the surfaces of the branches and set the directional pressure like so: