Dear John,

Thank you very very much for your advice! Sorry for the late reply because I did not notice there was a reply to my post.

I found this sample command snippet provided by you in one of my other posts to post process the CZM debonding parameters.



esel,s,type,,cid1                                !select contact element type ‘cid1’

etab,dtstart,nmisc,66                     !load step time during debonding

etab,dparam,nmisc,70                   !debonding parameter

etab,deneri,nmisc,140                   !debonding parameter

pretab,dtstart,dparam,deneri     !print results to solver output



pletab,deneri                                     !plot critical fracture energy


I am really new to APDL command and I have to humbly ask a few studpid questions if you don't mind... 

1) Do I have to insert a APDL command snippet to name the czm bonded contact for which I want to investigate? I am asking because there are 18 different CZM bonded contacts in the model.

cid=czm1 ! Define the name of this CZM bonded contact is "czm1" 

2) After the name of the contact is defined, I just need to change the 2nd row of the sample command to:


Is this correct?

3) I reviewed the ETABLE commands and as well as the Table 174.2 and 174.3.

I don't really understand what EIJKL means, so do I have to change the numbers 66, 70 and 140 in the command? 

4) Forgive one more stupid question. The solution has already stopped. Following Question 1, I guess if I were to add a APDL command snippet under one of the czm contact to define cid name, do I have to solve it again? because it took a long time to run the model....Shall I insert this sample command snippet under "solution" or "analysis" section?

Looking forward to your guidance!

Kind regards,