Ahmed Taher

Hello Chris,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I haven't noticed that I have used the wrong equation for the cone volume, it increased the charge quantity of course, yet again, I can't figure out where my mistake is as I can't reach out to final damage state of the specimen that I am trying to model.
I use SPH particle defining the charge in AUTODYN, I don't know which is best and more accurate honestly, is it defining the charge as SPH particles, Fill, or Solid? However, I am trying to model a conical explosive charge attached to a columns to test the effect on many parameters, a previous research used same way to define the charge (SPH particles) in which, they acheived modeling the specimen and got to the desired final result and final damage state, this is the reason I use SPH particles. So, may I ask another question? which is, when modeling the charge as SPH paticles, do I need to add the gas produced by the detonation of the charge? or just add the particles representing the charge and that's all?

Thanks again.
Note: I am using AUTODYN only in this model, I didn't use workbench.