Kauê Castro

Hey Rob, I couldn't find my last post so I tried reposting it (sorry for the complication).
Anyway, I'll have a look at all three of those cited to implement them.
As you've asked on the other post, I want to excite the jet in the range of 10-200 Hz. The Model is really really simple as in the image im uploading below

It consists of a velocity profile coming out generated by an other internal flow simulation.

Basically, my Idea was to excite the inlet region in blue in the top and bottom ends aiming to deflect it, similar to this Ilustration without the diffusers:

(Out of the article "Control of a Plane Jet by Fluidic Wall Pulsing" By J. C. Béra, Et al)

I'll post as soon as possible as a reply to this post the contours of velocity & velocity vectors. You've previously asked if I was running transient, and actually I'm initially trying to run steady, and eventually progressing to transient. Also, I'll have a look for fluidic switches as you had said.

Take care..