Ansys Employee


I don’t see any good way to do this. Why do you need this? Do you need this to apply displacement load in a continuation analysis? Note that you can get the deformed geometry by linking solution cell to a downstream model cell to continue an analysis from the deformed geometry:

In this downstream, deformed model, you can use nodal selection filter along with “Home [ribbon] > Selection Information” to measure distances in the deformed geometry.

Or you can right click on a result in your analysis (upstream system here), and “Export > STL File” with the scale factor set to 1.0 in the Result ribbon. Then load this into SpaceClaim and you can measure distances on the mesh, or make CAD geometry over the mesh-type geometry and measure locations on the geometry. Note that if you right click on the Geometry in the Outline in the downstream system, you can export a pmdb format of the deformed geometry and load this into SpaceClaim. This loads as a mesh. Or you can load into DesignModeler, and set to DesignModeler type, rather than workbench type on the import feature to have it automatically create CAD geometry. But this works only for simple geometry. If your model is 2D, this may work easily.