Sampat Kumar
Ansys Employee

Thanks for the information. Please let me know of any reference documents or experimental data for this numerical value of heat flux and beam radius that you have followed. 
Please let me know what is the reference document for this data that you have taken the heat flux of 22000 W/mm2 with a beam radius of 0.2 mm and a 10mm/sec velocity. Have you performed any experiments with these parameters on the Inconel material? Do you have any reference documents for these data, published papers, or authentic material? I am a little bit skeptical about this heat flux of 22000 W/mm2 with a radius of 0.2mm data.

If you have followed any research paper or authentic material then have you verified which numerical formula they used to calculate the Heat flux and power? Please let me know.

The temperature you have obtained in the attached picture is maximum at the corner or the same at every place as the moving heat source moves from one point to another.